Hi there!

Not so wild is intended to be a webcomic about friendship, cuteness, food, fun and sometimes a little sarcasm (to keep the adults interested), however i intend to keep it 100% child-safe, I myself am parent to a 6yo girl so i take this stuff seriously.

The team is composed by 2 people: the Author: Meganuke and the Artist: Gryphus

Hi!, Im Meganuke (a.k.a. Douglas Grillet) Im the Author and creator of the comic.

I live in Brisbane Australia but my first language is Spanish, so if you find any grammar error, please let me know. 😉 

This is the first time i attempt to make something art related, i hope you like it.

Hi! I’m Gryphus (a.k.a Elias Martinez) and I’m the artist and illustrator of the comic. I live in Santiago de Chile and my first language is Spanish as well

I have some experience in art and character design but in the webcomic world I’m still a newbie, I create the arts for this comic but I also have drawn and authored other politics themed webcomics.