Who would want to live in a world like that?

Unfortunately it is not impossible. In the recent fires Koalas habitats were severely affected, and many died.
Dont worry, they get wont get extinct yet, but they definitely need help.

There are many ways to help and there is a lot of people doing campaigns to do so, so I’m just going to point out the easiest way to help which wont cost you any money: Staying Informed.
Misinformation (or should it be Disinformation?) causes a lot of harm in every area and this is no exception, There are posts out there giving fake news just to get some clicks, one example is one that says that Koalas are “Functionally erxtinct”; No, they are not!. Please inform yourself!, visit official pages and/or the sanctuaries or animal hospital pages and do not share the misinformation.


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